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John Peter Lee, Ltd.

Meeting Las Vegas' legal needs since 1975

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For over 40 years, John Peter Lee, Ltd., has been committed to providing quality legal representation and exceptional customer service. Maintaining this standard requires a commitment to always provide effective, efficient, and ethical legal representation. It also requires that we keep pace with the cutting edge of the legal profession. Whether it be subscribing to extensive electronic legal databases or utilizing the vast resources of the Internet, John Peter Lee, Ltd., is able to access the latest information, information that can be put to use for you.

Our attorneys are John Peter Lee, Esq.; Paul C. Ray, Esq.; Yvette R. Freedman, Esq.; and John C. Courtney, Esq. Our law clerk is John Galardi. Our paralegals are Ashleigh Bautista and Tamra Tyler. Our legal administrator is Lori Grove Kivatisky.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for our blog, please e-mail the Blogmaster at info@johnpeterlee.com. Credit for jpl_blog's icon goes to indigo_inferno. Do not copy or use without permission from indigo_inferno and jpl_blog. Thank you.